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Problem with ARRL Gamma Matching Code
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Gamma Matching Discussion
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As mentioned in notes above, the ARRL ON4UN's Low-Band DXing Fourth Edition Section 3.8.1 on The Gamma Match is often incorrect and anyone attempting to use specifics from there will be led to gamma grief. Here is a better version of 3.8.1 that removes the errors, updates some text and replaces two tables of examples. The ARRL has been informed of the issues (and, I think, agree) but has declined so far to take action.
Low Band DXing 3.8.1 Gamma Match Fix
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Improved Gamma Match Code
Posted somewhere on ARRL website after vetting
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Gamma Match Spreadsheet
If the file is called ' gammaMW9aXLS.pdf" change to gammaMW9a.xls due to allowed file types on this free site. The spreadsheet gammaMW9a.xls can solve for Gamma Match parameters, needed Capacitance and Length, using inputs of Frequency, Feedline Impedance, Ro, unmatched antenna impedance of Ra(resistance) and Xa(reactance) and conventional Gamma Match quantities D(antenna rod dia.), d(gamma rod dia.) and S(spacing between rod centers). If either of two cells have a Red background, no solution is possible requiring a change of input parameters.
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Hairpin Matching Discussion
This led to a QST article June 2013
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A Version of Hairpin Article published in June '13 QST
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Hairpin Match Code
Not too fancy
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