QSL via M0URX direct and bureau - The V73MW DXPed was Feb 22 - Mar 4, 2014

The story of the DXPed
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The emphasis will be on 160 and 80 cw with some 20 RTTY and possible 17 SSB gap fillers.  The latter bands may turn out to be largely times when EU is available since operations will dominantly be at local night time.



Mar 4 UT final report – Had a run of ~ 25 midwest NA q’s on 160 but then the lights went out at a time when the west should have been good.  Not another NA sig heard in spite of checking back during 17 m RTTY runs.  Final log now posted with the expectation that there may be a significant number of busted calls, especially on EU RTTY.  Bit disgusted with prominent US types on 80 who provided, almost certainly knowingly, 4 dups in a row (and there were others), some to suggest explicitly now would be good for me for 160.  This, of course, steals q’s from other lesser stations.  Some qsls may be a little slow in showing up.  Managed total of 274 on 160 and 729 on 80 so a marginal success?  Sorry for the slow rates but condx were ruff with noise and qsb plus the late night mental fog.  Back home now.  Write up upon recovery.


Mar 3 UT report – Mostly on 80 – not great but there aside from the JA test.  Only one EU Q there.  160 not so good but some.  The “new” 20 & 17 m ants are not keepers – will try to move them out of the trees and onto the dreaded edge of the beach to get some more rtty q’s.   At least the high tide was not so threatening without the winds last night.  Will not be doing the 0645 thing tonight for 80.  The last night is tonight 4 Mar Z.  I will be done NLT 1900 Z.



Mar 2 UT report – 80 not the best for JA/NA.  Devoted time to 160 - pretty good JA/NA but reports are my ears not so good (no RX ant and noise somewhat high).  Noise for early morning 80m EU was impossible.  At about 1640 the VDA being used on 20 suffered a broken mast due to a drifting sandbag in the high tide surf – tonight’s tide is a bit higher.  (Always check the tide table kids.)  Now, again tnx to K2UFA’s help, have a VD on 17 and a sloping dipole on 20 on a common mast and close to a coconut tree so less vulnerable.  Performance TBD.




Mar 2 UT report – The low band ant suffered from a tide-shifted sandbag guy anchor and partly fell over so no 80/160 last night.  Fixed today after an Ace Hardware run for some 3’ pipes and a sledge hammer plus thanks to help from Jack K2UFA and his buddies Scott and Ray who are (or so they claim) flying crop dusters to Asia.  Back to normal ops tonight with 80/160 cw and 20/17 RTTY.  Last night, after struggling to be heard early, had a 2.5 hour run to mostly EU on 17 RTTY. 



Mar1 low bands may not occur due to failure of a sadbag guy anchor at high tide.  Probably can't fix until the morning.


Mar 1 UT 160 mostly not cooperating but JAs should be happy.  Decent run on 80 to NA + easier JA.  Could not get EU attention on 80 for the late night try – have been briefly trying W EU ~ 0645+ on 80 - nothing.  Will continue trying all.  Always customers when 20 m RTTY is open but distorted sigs make it slow.  Probably will do more 17 RTTY as time rolls on.  Last night on the air will be Tue/Wed local, Mar 4 UT.  Depart Mar 5 so tear down will be ~ 2000 Mar 4 UT.  Thanks for all the guys who emailed me their SR time, I had no idea.  All in the spirit of helping me out.



Feb 27UT quit well before SR due to thunderstorm.  Again decent run on 80 for JA/NA.  160 almost all JA in spite of more effort/time.  Note that it is not possible (or at least not sensible) to be on for everyone’s SR/SS with a single op/station, sorry.  20m RTTY continues with the mob now thinning – will move to 17 as needed.  Too many dupes, please check log. 


Feb 26 UT quit before SR since 80 to EU was v poor and getting punchy.  Decent run on 80 for JA and NA earlier. 160 not so good this time with some JAs.  No W EU heard on 80 at SS yet.  Still lots of JA/EU action on 20m RTTY with a few NA leaking in.  Tried 17m RTTY – good to EU.  Will try 0200-0400ish to NA for RTTY tomorrow 27th.  Unless you know the listening freq, 1X signing on cw is not enough.  RTTY with 3X call at a time is good.  (Can then pick best 2 of 3 decodes, if 2 are the same.)  The 0800-0900ish time is difficult for RTTY decodes from flutter for EU, sorry.  The cw is not too fast for a reason.  Right now a pretty high tide is up to my sandbag guy anchors.  Log updated.  There are going to be busted calls, especiallyfor EU RTTY.  If I got the call wrong, you don’t have give me the exchange until I get it right. Check the updated log.


Feb 25 UT again mostly full night.  Decent run on 160 JA + US 1100-1300, other times v slow. Early run 80 JA+US 0900 and 1330, and then nearing SR for mostly E EU with weak signals.  Will continue the pattern with some variation in times.  Still plenty of demand for 20m EU/JA RTTY but it can’t last.  Will try a better time for NA RTTY later this week.  It is a struggle to get clean quick qsos.  High speeds, low signals and overlapping callers not a good combo.  I do check the top of the pile which is often fruitful.  Spread out is good, especially on RTTY.  Give cw call twice unless trying previous contact freq trick.  Log updated.  There are going to be a number of busted calls (not all my fault) but a reasonable policy will be put in place later.  Working again is ok if uncertain AFTER checking the online log.


Fairly full night of ops Feb 24 UT.  Tried 80 and 160 at SR & SS and periodically during the night will continue.  160 mostly only to JA.  80 ok to JA, US, E EU.  20 m RTTY to EU, JA mostly.  Will continue night routine with varied times on the bands.  Log posted.


Day 1 Modest effort on 20 rtty so far.  160/80 ant finally sort of up at sundown after long day including moving the 20/17 VDA.  Antennas are on the beach. Expect to begin routine operations on local Monday sunset.





UPDATE #6 2/19/14 Timetable Upgrade


Thanks to the RMI licensing authority, I have been granted the opportunity to operate after arrival but before the license is actually in hand so there will likely be some operation Feb 23 and full up operations on Feb 24 (UTC).




UPDATE #5 2/19/14 Things to smooth the process:


Always split - UP means 2+, will avoid a wide spread as practical

Avoid higher speed than used, the wise often go lower, the less-than-wise go faster

If conditions are okay, give call once

After calling, wait long enough to hear if there is a response – typing is not so fast

If your call was copied wrong (maybe), repeat it and it will be sent again if corrected

If your call was copied right, do not give your call again on cw

On-frequency tuners will be punished, in this life and the next

No skeds – please don't ask

Daily updates on website and uploads to Club Log as possible

Busted calls dealt with after return ONLY


UPDATE #4 2/19/14 Antenna Line Up


160 and 80 - 18 m fiberglass pole with vertical wire and 2 drooping “T” for loading at top. 160 uses a hairpin match and 80 uses a series capacitor (manually switched). Two elevated near-resonant radials for each band with two 9 m fiberglass pole supports deployed TBD. For 20m and 17m, nested 2 element VDAs with a common feed line. A 30 m VD is available as a backup but might not be used.


UPDATE # 3 2/17/14 Operational Matters:

Cluster information will not normally be seen in real time

On 160 and/or 80 nightly including SR/SS

Switching 160 to 80 and back requires visiting the base of the antenna

160 cw 1820.5 UP 2+

80 cw 3515+/- UP 2+

20 rtty ~ 14080+/- UP 2+

17 SSB 18150+/- UP



UPDATE #2 2/14/14 See the V7 Propagation Tab for Predictions - any additions/corrections appreciated



V73MW QSL via M0URX ONLY: by OQRS preferred (Direct or Bureau) - see http://m0urx.com/oqrs - 
QSL requirements are US$2  Send your QSL to:
Mr Tim Beaumont M0URX
P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth 
Warwickshire CV8 1SF
All bureau cards MUST be marked "QSL via M0URX") 
LoTW will be uploaded at the earliest opportunity.




POSTPONED as of 1/30/14


N6MW is planning a DXPed to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, V7, Feb4-Feb14, 2014 as V73MW. Focus on ClubLog's most needed bands/modes – 160/80/30 CW and 20 for RTTY (not in contest), maybe some SSB and 17, while accepting the unfortunate 24 hours/day limitation.  Equipment – K3/KPA500/KAT500/Laptop. Antennas – Inv L/T/Vert for 160/80 with elevated radials using a Spiderbeam 18m fiberglass pole plus a 20m VDA and 30 m VD on a second fiberglass pole. Nightly efforts on 160/80. Freq 1820.5 for 160, UP. Always UP! 20m RTTY for some low brain needed time, with a focus on EU. On-line log at ClubLog updated as internet connection (and $) allows.  Would consider a second operator. 


Operation from the (north facing) beach on the lagoon at the Long Island Hotel.




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